Apply for funding from the ctDNA Research Center

It is now possible to apply for funding for national trials related to the DCCC ctDNA research center.
You may apply for a maximum of 500,000 DKK, primarily for salary for scientific staff. The application must be uploaded through this form:
You can find further information about the application process and criteria for funding here.

The DCCC ctDNA Research Center supports national trials focusing on documenting the effects of using ctDNA/cfDNA measurements in the detection and/or monitoration of cancer. Projects receiving funding must fit into one or more of the clinical focus areas of the ctDNA center ("Early cancer detection", "guiding adjuvant therapy decisions", "risk stratified postoperative recurrence surveillance", "monitoring ctDNA levels to predict therapy response", and "identification of therapeutically actionable targets and tracking of resistance causing variants") and thus we are all able to follow the progress of these projects at the CFA-meetings. All funded projects, are further presented at the webpage, thus you can always get an overview of wich projects have received funding.

This is the second time, the ctDNA Research Center invites for applications for funding. I August 2020, three projects received funding. You can find the desription of these projects here:, hopefully many more will be found here at the end of the year.