NI1 workshop

The national infrastructure focusing on preanalytical factors, NI1, invites to a debate on the focus of NI1 in the future - what are your expectations and needs.

The workshop is online on 11 October at 15.30-17.00


Program for the workshop:

  • Presentation on preanalytical factors – focus area for NI1:
    In designing clinical protocols, many preanalytical parameters are important to consider (sampling (when and how), preparing/storing samples, purification, and perhaps pre-treatment of DNA), all of crucial importance for the outcome of the following analysis. Guidelines for quality insurance of the analyzed material are needed and so is standardization of preanalytical factors to allow comparison between studies.
  • Discussion and input from participants on NI1 activities:
    It is important that the focus of NI1 matches the needs of the center-members and that the output of NI1 is useful. Thus we need a collaboration on ideation, data, samples, and others. The purpose of the workshop is to identify the biggest challenges in the preanalytical work and what NI1 can do to help.

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to participate.