The ctDNA Research Center offers funding for clinical projects

The ctDNA center funds clinical projects under the center with up to 500.000DKK per project. Funding applications may be handed in twice a year, the next deadline will be found here.

As the DCCC ctDNA center is a national center with a special focus on creating clinical impact from research projects, there are some criteria that must be met, for the projects to receive funding.

Funding criteria

The projects receiving funding must be placed in one (or more) of the clinical focus areas:

  • Early cancer detection
  • Guiding adjuvant therapy decisions
  • Risk stratified postoperative recurrence surveillance
  • Monitoring ctDNA levels to predict therapy response
  • Identification of therapeutically actionable targets and tracking of resistance causing variants

The application must meet the following:

  • The project must be national, i.e., must involve partners east and west of Storebælt and actively involve at least three Danish hospitals from different regions, or three regional units and/or two universities. Preferably anchored in the relevant DMCGs
  • The project must be prospective
  • The project must be aimed at documenting the clinical benefit of ctDNA guided cancer treatment
  • The project must have sufficient statistical strength
  • The project must include clarification of how ctDNA measurements affect the patient life quality
  • The project must contain a clinical implementation plan and include an evaluation of the cost effectivity
  • The projects must actively involve more specialties and/or disciplines
  • The project must include patient involvement, i.e., in the project design phase
  • Funding is primarily for salary for scientific personel (i.e. PhD salary or likewise) and will not be given for analysis expences. 

The application must contain:

  • Main applicant’s name, department and institute, phone number and mail.
  • Name of co-applicant, who was involved in the original application to the Danish Cancer Society
  • Affiliation to clinical focus area 1-5 (see the description here)
  • A covering project title
  • A short summary in English suitable for publication on the webpage
  • Description of the total budget (including current funding and planned applications) and what the money will be spend on
  • Project desription containing:
    • Scientific background for the project
    • Hypothesis and purpose
    • Description of the clinical trials, including methods and timeline
    • Practical aspects (workplace and ressources)
    • Clinical and national perspectives (ethical considerations and how they are addressed)
  • Short CV incl. a publication list with up to 10 publications (for main applicant)

Practical info