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Are you interested in becoming a part of the DCCC ctDNA Research Center? Explore the details of center membership and the advantages it brings.

We look forward to welcoming you to the center!

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A member is a center participant who becomes a part of a collaborative platform

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A center participant is working with ctDNA at a university or hospital in Denmark 

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Every participating department have the opportunity to have a representative in the Steering Committee

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It is free to be a center participant – the center is open for everyone 

The center affiliation

Understanding the significance of being a part of the center

The purpose of the center is to create a fundament and platform for national collaboration, knowledge sharing, and gathering for people working with ctDNA guided cancer treatment in Denmark. The center is open to everyone in this regard.

Affiliation with the center guarantees you updates on upcoming activities, access to essential infrastructures, participation in a nationwide ctDNA network, and active involvement in research advancing ctDNA guided cancer treatment and for clinical implementation.

Membership in the ctDNA center is free, and enabling you to contribute actively to center activities. The center thrives on its members and adapts flexibly to meet their needs for activities and ideas.

The benefits

As a member you will:


Be a part of the national collaboration

You will be a part of a national center dedicated to bringing together everyone involved in ctDNA research in Denmark

Have access to expertise and knowledge sharing

Within the center, experts in the NIs and CFAs are available to provide guidance and assistance to others.

Get information about activities and events

You will receive newsletters, information, and invitations for workshops/seminars. Moreover you have the opportunity to contribute to the national gathering of ctDNA research information.

Have influence on activities and content in the center

As a member you can contribute to and influence the activities in the center. If you have an idea, need, suggestion, thought or other for the content, please contact Anne Lorentzen,

How to get a


Study affiliated with the center



The ctDNA Center supports national projects through financial funding. Presently, 21 national studies have received funding from the center, officially aligning them with the center.

In addition to financial support, we also integrate any interested projects that center around ctDNA guided cancer treatment. As a researcher, you can take advantage of the center's infrastructures, networks and initiatives.

Apply for funding

See the curent call here

We look forward to the collaboration!

New center participant?

Register here if you want to be in affiliation with the center or write an e-mail to the Scientific Coordinator Anne Lærke Lorentzen at



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